We help global business owners & Investors leverage new B2B & B2C leads, referrals, identify new sales, generate fresh business growth opportunities & brand awareness via LinkedIn


We've invested heavily in time, effort, energy, resources and financially to master how to leverage long term profitable, sustainable business growth from leveraging the world's largest and most professional B2B & B2C platform LinkedIn.

With over 560 million business members, including over 23 million UK business members, everything and everyone you need to grow any business in any geographical region exists on LinkedIn, providing you have mastered how to leverage it.

We have managed to carve out a very specific niche by helping business owners, Investors and C-level Executives grow their businesses by leveraging our fully managed service expertise. We help them increase their sales, leads, referrals, new opportunities and to identify new revenue generation streams which they would otherwise miss.

We've identified 24 specific needs that multi sector businesses have used our professional consultancy services for.

Key Benefits

By utilising our 'fully managed' business social media service provision, clients from mainstream and niche sector businesses will be able to increase their annual turnover and profits.

They will also benefit from reducing the number of conventional business consultancy agencies they would typically have to retain if they are seeking business growth, down to one professional consultancy service provider.

Clients will benefit from new targeted leads, business specific referrals, increased new sales, pin point brand awareness accuracy and 20 other strategies we provide as part of our fully managed consultancy service provision.

4 out of every 5 UK business people are LinkedIn members and so are many of their employees. The problem is very few business owners, or their sales and marketing staff have any idea how to leverage LinkedIn to gain sustainable commercial success.

Most business owners we visit are absolutely blown away by what our fully managed service can provide for their businesses.

We offer our fully managed service because most business owners told us they & their staff are on LinkedIn, but they don't have the time, skill-sets or professional expertise to develop and then meticulously manage a business social media business growth plan.


Our service provision is useful for any type of business seeking to exploit the world's largest and most professional B2B & B2C marketplace.

We have provided our consultancy service into over 120 different business sectors.

Everything & everyone you need to grow any business exists on LinkedIn and we are the specialists who can help you leverage accelerated profitable business growth in what might just be the most efficient and cost-effective way available.

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