Extend the shelf-life of fruits

Life Cover can reduce your fruit waste until 80% and increase your profits

Life Cover is an edible solution that extend the shelf life of postharvest fruits in a natural and sustainable way, reducing the food waste and incresing their quality.


Life Cover is a liquid, natural and edible solution that extend the shelf life of fruits in post-harvest stage until 200%, without affecting the quality and safety of fruits. The product is used like a cover that retard the fruit ripening process in a natural way.

Key Benefits

In the market are waxes that gives shine, dust protection but does not increase the shelf life significantly, so the advantages offered by Life Cover are that it is a natural, sustainable product that dont need additional investment for there application.


It’s applied after the reception, selection and washing process, by spaying or deep in the covering process, then need to dry at room temperature for a few minutes and finally the fruits are ready to packing.

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