Limitless is a location intelligence platform that combines location store & social data in a cloud platform. Layering Epos, CRM and a recommendation engine for physical retail


Limitless registers physical customers in store and tracks their in store journey connecting the customer to the transactions in store cross referenced to the departments & sections they have been shopping. This allows us to identify lost sales, abandoned baskets and gives us the ability to serve up personal offers based on previous purchasing patterns. In addition we can deliver digital coupons & measure their redemption in store and connecting the digital to physical channel. We can use this registration to connect the customer to the transaction and can connect the digital to physical customer without an app. Standard features like q management, q jumping for ViP customers & book a slot along with customer / staff ratios are standard features

Key Benefits

We provide similar analytics as Google & Amazon for physical retail. We track and trace customer acquisition, journey & interactions to make the experience much richer. We also provide a true RoI on marketing and its impact at departmental, article group or line item level


Track & trace with near real time reporting on customers by department. Recommendation based on areas visited or previous purchases. Benchmarking throughout the estate of stores along with the ability to measure the impact of marketing with the ability to measure digital campaigns on the physical store.

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