Limitless is a location intelligence platform that combines location store & tracking data in a cloud platform. Layering location & tracking analysis for physical retail


Limitless is a location-aware data platform that tracks and analyses customers and objects within physical environments. At the moment we track all trolleys and baskets within retail premises and transportation hubs. Using existing wi fi infrastructure we use active wi fi & BLE tags to track any objects from trolleys baskets to bags within transport hubs. We won the Dubai Airport innovation challenge in 2019 with our technology for tracking passengers items & bags

Key Benefits

We utilise existing wi fi infrastructure to track trace and analyse customers and their personal belongings. We do this without the use of the app and with a SQR code we can attach the bag to the user with a confirmation system with authentication.


Track & trace with near real time reporting on customers & their belongings by compartment. This can be applied through existing wi fi and active tags whether wi fi or BLE. Attachments can be made from customer to bag with authentication so that bags can be identified. We have the ability to generate & authenticate QR and link to the customers device.

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