We utilise existing data streams into a easy to use insights platform that takes the existing data you have and turns it into retail insights. Many Retailers are drowning in data


As a retailer with domain expertise too many tech companies are creating data lakes and retailers are drowning in their own data. With Bi tools and large consultancy costs we simplify your data and the data feeds to provide true Retail insights that drive real value in your data and mean business improvements. From the stock hits the back door until it goes through the front door we can offer insights and communication to customers that will drive sales & margin with live stock levels. Improving lost sales, reducing abandoned baskets and connecting customers & transaction data back to the physical customer.

Key Benefits

Utilising existing hardware and under used software we ingest your data to provide value that has been buried in a lake of data. Concentrating on your existing customer base & up selling or cross selling so that we can then create similar or lookalike audiences similar to the digital channel. Providing similar analytics as Google & Amazon combined only in the physical store.


Improve customer acquisitions, journey & experience by connecting the physical customer to transactions and promotional activity. Unlike pop up advertising we know the customer & the purchasing history so we can provide personal relevant marketing by closing the sales loop.

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