Faster climate action is critically needed. All experts are 'lost' on newsletters in their particular network; UN, WEF, C40 etc. An AI-power digital home will transform all this


The world is starting to burn. The leading climate scientist community is extremely alarmed about a worldwide temperature increase of just 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit. And we're about to fail to mitigate this increase.

However, we have an abundance of innovation, ideas and goodwill tackling environmental change around the world. The institutional problem is the entire industry is so poorly connected.

So often initiative is lost in the gaps between the individual communities, new letters, networks, and organizations.

So, what if we could all come together to benefit from each other’s shared knowledge, skills, lessons learned and best practice?

What’s needed: a single digital home for networks, experts, and enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, has been quietly rolling out its state of the art skills ontology and workforce optimation platform across the largest companies in the world.

Clients include KPMG, Deloitte and EY.

The platform is already transforming how global expertise and teams are discovered and formed in record time. Typically, the 2-4 weeks lost in finding expertise/teams is now down to 2 seconds! And the quality of knowledge found is over 300% better.

ProFinda is now gifting their entire platform for free to ensure the climate community can unify.

So far, the major members agreeing to join include the UN, WEF and 40 of the largest climate commnuties. This group contains over 300,000 of the most innovative climate warriors around the planet.

But the mission is to swell this to over 300,000,000 of the public.

The platform will offer:

1) Advanced skills AI technology allowing us to create powerful digital maps of all the skills, knowledge, and experience that exist for people and organizations tackling environmental change around the world.

2) This bird's eye view will enable us to analyze and far better connect previously unconnected activities. This drives greater efficiencies in tackling environmental change.

3) The workflow transforms how you can search, discover, form and manage teams and projects.

4) The marketplace understands each members' skills and aspirations and surrounds them with hyper-personalized work, projects, news, content and opportunities.

5) Big data will allow us to create powerful visuals and models of best practice to share with businesses, organizations and individuals around the world. It will allow us to more precisely target our global and local efforts to drive positive change.


As an individual member you can;

Intelligently search and find work, jobs and opportunities.
Connect with people that can help you with specific tasks and projects.
Access existing and new projects, relevant to you and your interests
Share your skills and knowledge to help others.
Develop new relationships and strengthen your personal brand.

As a member organization you can;

Empower your people to collaborate more effectively within your 'tribe' on the platform, but now also be part of a global community too.
Digitally map all the skills, knowledge and engagements that exist within your organization.
Better understand all of your stakeholders.
Connect and communicate more efficiently around specific tasks within your organization.
Build dynamic teams with the best knowledge.
Drive real sustainable engagement in your network.

Together we can;

Drive positive sustainable change for our planet, faster.



Vision: To catalyze positive change for our planet we are bringing together all individuals, organizations and governments to take action on climate change. The GCC will remove bridge the gap between existing siloes, and connect the best ideas with the best opportunities - optimizing sharing, action, and innovation.

Leveraging the world's best skills AI technology, to further accelerate this collaboration. We are able to demonstrate a 300% increase in the quality of responses around knowledge sharing. More importantly, we can make it 24x times faster to connect with the right person and the right answer anywhere in the world.

Strategy: The GCC (working title) will be the 'definitive digital home' for the world’s leading networks, experts, organisations and change makers and public. We can also leverage emerging solutions and innovations with data analytics and member campaigns to drive systemic and sustainable environmental policies on a global scale.


We have the technology ... and the communities ...we just now need to launch.

Key Benefits

State of the art Skills ontology.
Government grade proven platform and workflow.
The credibility of transforming workforce optimization and collaboration.
A global team on standby.
Financial backing from VC and impact investors like NESTA.
Buy-in from the global climate community.


Skills ontolgoy.
live Workflow.
End to end system.
Proven capabilities.

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