LitterCam consists of a detector designed to the action of vehicle based littering from CCTV footage, complemented by a comprehensive back office spanning the offence lifecycle


In the year to 2017, local authorities in England spent £682 million on litter clearance. The only effective enforcement solution was for pedestrian offences, in busy, urban areas. LitterCam extends this enforcement capability to vehicle litter hotspots, and capitalises on the increased penalty amount set out in the 2018 Litter Strategy for England. The solution uses an edge-based architecture, restricting data transmission to only suspected offence footage; minimising data transmission and storage costs, and to also mitigate data privacy issues. The solution can analyse any CCTV footage. Upon offence validation by a local authority operative, offence details are sent to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Overnight, the Registered Keeper details are returned. These details along with zoomed in images of the offence and vehicle registration mark, are inserted into a local authority penalty template, and a postal penalty is then issued. Upon receipt of the penalty, the offender can then watch their offence via a LitterCam client portal, and then either choose to pay or legitimately challenge the offence by providing the relevant evidence as set out in the DEFRA Regulations. Unpaid offences are automatically registered with Her Majesty's Court and Tribunals Service, Traffic Enforcement Centre as a County Court debt. By return, the issuing authority will receive a Warrant of Execution Notice enabling an enforcement agent to take control of goods.

Key Benefits

LitterCam helps to extend the reach of litter enforcement and its deterrent effects, beyond the physical constraints faced by patrolling officer approaches. LitterCam will help reduce the frequency of litter clearance; reducing the level of exposure to risk during litter clearance, freeing up resource to focus on other essential tasks and reducing the volume of pollutants entering the watercourse, and eventually, us. LitterCam uses a sustainable, lamp column based mounting approach, enabling the rapid and low cost redeployment of equipment at such time littering behaviours change. LitterCam is a complete, cloud-based, managed service solution, minimising the load and involvement of stretched local authority IT teams.


LitterCam is a smart city technology. Our primary clients will either be litter authorities; district councils, unitary authorities and national parks, or highways authorities who either have an appetite to work in partnership with a litter authority, or are a litter authority themselves in the case of motorways in Scotland, where Transport Scotland is a litter authority.

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