A software platform that integrates multiple data sources to enable the timely identification of risks to property and the management and mitigation of these risks.


Our software platform processes multiple sources of information; large scale, context specific, historical data sets and dynamic data. The platform enables property operators to understand long term risks of fire, crime, extreme weather, flooding and environmental damage, then automatically processes numerous sources of data to provide real time information about immediate risks to the property.

The platform achieves comprehensive and efficient risk management of property assets, maximising the availability and resilience of locations.

Key Benefits

Reduce frequency and scale of:
- Direct losses resulting from property related incidents.
- Incidents where property cannot trade / operate or is constrained.

Maximise the effectiveness of an internal captive.
Reduce insurance premiums for property.
Achieve a corporate memory and the information to make the most astute long term property management decisions.


Achieve understanding of long term risk at individual properties and across a portfolio of properties, to inform risk mitigation activity and the ability to track and review the success of any initiative and the return on investment.
Integrate data from other suppliers, such as Property Surveyors, Facilities Managers, Insurance and Security Managers to create a comprehensive corporate understanding and memory, which can subsequently be audited.
Provide location specific information to enable pro-active conduct of risk mitigation, reducing periods of time when the property or part of it, is not operating to its maximum.
Provide a common platform for engaging with staff and customers, particularly through web scarping and social media, to gain a much enhanced understanding of location specific issues and challenges.

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