The all-in-one incident and crisis management solution.

LIVEOP X is the most advanced mobile operational intelligence platform for emergency services, enabling real-time communications, media sharing and interactive geographical maps.


LIVEOP X provides an extremely powerful incident and crisis management solution, that has become the no.1 choice among emergency services in The Netherlands. Combining live connections to external data systems, real-time chat, media sharing, live video feeds, interactive geo and much more, LIVEOP X provides an extremely powerful and flexible package for the most demanding situations.

Key Benefits

LIVEOP X greatly reduces risks and costs of incidents and disasters, by improving the effectiveness of all staff involved in incident and crisis management. By supplying every person in the processes, both preventive and operational, with the most accurate and important information, incidents and crises can be handled with calmness, professionalism and effectiveness. LIVEOP X plays a key role in creating a safer working environment that provides confidence to the employer and employees.


HSE, Crisis management, (Private) Emergency services, (Private) security services, Defence.

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