Lockleaze Loves Solar

Free solar for households...

Community Solar energy project, combining free solar energy for homes with lower fuel bills.


Currently a pilot project supported by a Next Generation Energy grant from Power to Change. Lockleaze Loves Solar brings together a physical neighbourhood, a community energy group and an energy company. Participants in a trial with 300 homes will get free solar panels, and their energy bills will be lowered through discount solar energy from their own roofs. This simple mechanism can be scaled to give everyone warmer homes, cheaper energy, free solar...

Key Benefits

Big first step towards decarbonising homes and domestic energy across the country


This is a 'post subsidy' solar energy business model that can support communities in their path to becoming carbon neutral. It will create jobs, lower people's energy bills, and create locally owned renewable energy generation assets. Like adding tar to aggregate, this is nothing flashy, but it paves the way to a solar future.

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