Logistic Compact Solutions

Lightweight solutions for heavyweight problems

Focusing on the relationship “People + Things”, dozop provides ready-to-assemble simple, appealing and tool-less compact solutions that that fit into your lifestyle.


As do-it-yourselves we are all incidental movers that, whether it is during our days or for travel & leisure, from time to time and often without proper planning, we need to move or carry around with them mid to heavy items and we often assign these tasks to others or we leave them for later due to its inconvenience. This is no surprise since the product offer out there in the market place, that could help us in the task, is impressively unbalanced being almost-only directed to the Professional Market with heavy and big commodity-like products. Discovered this Latent Market Need, while the industry still concentrates on providing heavy, cumbersome logistics products for professionals, we decided to target the Consumer Market instead where, by appealing to a large segment of population of young and dynamic do-it-yourselves, we aim at increasing the overall market size and bring “fun” to an otherwise boring segment of commodity-like products. As an example, in the travel & leisure segment, at airports and busy hubs like stations, we might or might not find carts to help us with the weight of our large check-in bags, suitcases and possible boxes; but surely, once all are placed in the taxi, uber or trunk of our car and we are arriving back home, we have no help from those airport trolleys and sometimes neither from other people. At that point we are STILL TRAVELING but it is the last mile segment left unaddressed by many airlines and other markets that are not actually closing the circle of service and our overall flying experience. So we are still facing having to be moving/pushing/struggling alone all our luggage and collected boxes at the airport delivery belts to take all our stuff back through the elevator to our apt or from the bus stop a few blocks to our place or from the car to our garage/back door. Our plastic utility carts can be made with any brand and colors, to fit our client's needs and become for them a powerful vehicle of branding to leave in the ends of their clients as a very useful promotional item or for re-sale purposes. We re-addressed the product design and features, re-thought the way the products were displayed and re-shaped how to effectively communicate with a new target client to provide simple, appealing and compact solutions to help consumers complete small daily tasks while fitting into their lifestyle. We focus on the relationship “People + Things”, designing and developing ready-to-assemble lightweight solutions that provide for the needs of those do-it-yourselves when dealing with moving or carrying mid to heavy items around, from big shopping bags up to mid-to-heavy loads and boxes, within the so called “too close but too far” zone. This Circle of Proximity quickly became our Competitive Arena and typically goes from indoor to outdoor up to 5 blocks. We understand many DIYers have little space to store products at home/office so, we focused on the small form factor, because when a product is used on a need base it is more important that is small when we don’t need it then big when we do. Our practical and simple products can be kept close at hand to help make your activities as routine and convenient as possible while offering outstanding utility or can be pulled out on an as-need basis, quickly assembled, and easily stored in the trunk of the car, in the apt or in the office, and used indoor or outdoor! We developed an extensive line of compact, lightweight and tool-less assembly products - 2 examples here above that weight each 4 pounds and can move up to 250 pounds - and then we also added the necessary accessories, like a bag for easy portability, to complement our 4 wheels utility carts that improve your efficiency and user-experiences, so that each product enhances the other to make the system greater than the sum of the parts. We are offering in the marketplace new and modern Unique Selling Propositions, for the trade as well as the end-user, like for example the fact that for the first time a 4 wheels cart is assembly, for the first time it can be sold off the shelf in a compact and appealing packaging addressing therefore also the gift market opportunities. Not to mention that, by compact size and light weight, it can be shipped economically direct to consumer favouring e-commerce opportunities. Last, but not least, we have Utility and Design Patents already assigned to us by the USPTO in the US and extended to Canada, Europe and other Countries. Our Vision is for dozop to ultimately become a destination brand for all those everyday consumers looking for logistic aids to make their life easier!

Key Benefits

Lightweight, Portable, Compact, Tool-less, design oriented


Indoor and outdoor use

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