Motion / occupancy sensor for Smart city, Ind4.0, Car2X, Logistics, Lighting control and any other automation systems that need information about the presence of human and vehicles


Our K2150 sensor provides the world's best results in motion detection among similar products for general industrial purposes. Case Study: Lighting control system for a warehouse: - one sensor controls an inter-rack aisle up to 85m long (detection of human ) and up to 115 m long (detection of vehicles) - real cases! - suitable for warehouses where the ceiling height exceeds 12 m (from 3m to 30m!) - used in VNA-warehouses with a height of 22 m - can be used in cooling, freezing and high humidity warehouses - can reliably operate in warehouses located in regions with a hot climate - energy saving is up to 80% and the payback period is approximately 1 year - one sensor saves up to 10 000 kW/hour electric power and decrease emissions of CO2 in atmosphere on 4 tones per year (24/7) - K2150 replaces 3-5 high-bay motion PIR sensors of the world’s best manufacturers. Economic achievements of automatic lighting system of refrigerated PepsiCo warehouse in Moscow (17 aisles, S=5600 sq m, installation height -15 meters, each sensor controls an inter-rack aisle 65 meters long): - Energy consumption of lighting system was reduced by 2.8 times; - Electrical energy savings in year for the entire warehouse is 185 000 kW*h, for each installed sensor it is 10 800 kW*h; - Payback period considering the payment of 0.03 Eu/kW*h (0.04 USD/kW*h) is 18 months. If the K2150 sensor is used in autonomous solar-powered street lighting systems, it allows to reduce the capacity of batteries by several times. Depending on the sensor installation method, the range of a person detection can be up to 80m and a vehicle - up to 100m. Our team has expertise in microwave/radar motion detection technology (presence, movement, direction of movement, speed of movement). We develop and produce motion/occupancy sensors in all kind of applications and markets.

Key Benefits

1. Energy savings in lighting systems are on average 3 times in warehouses and car parking lots. 2. The short payback period is about 1 year (the best result was 6 months). 3. One K2150 motion sensor saves up to 10 000 kW/hour electric power and decrease emissions of СО2 in atmosphere on 4 tones per year. 4. In autonomous solar-powered street lighting systems sensor allows to reduce the capacity of batteries by several times. 5. Labeled as world efficient solution from Solarimpulse Foundation, Switzerland


- Smart streets and Smart Cities - Car2X - Warehouses from 3 to 30 m high (the only in the world) - Cooling and freezing warehouses (the only in the world) - Warehouses with high air humidity for storage of vegetables and fruits (the only in the world) - Smart solar streetlights lighting control - Indoor and outdoor car parking lots - Railway platforms - Long corridors of hotels, offices - Smart pedestrian crossing - Smart manufacturing - Smart solar streetlights

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