Love Your City's impact hub helps any individual or organization learn how to measure and market their impact.


Most people don't wake up in the morning and say "I'd like to contribute to global climate change and gross inequalities today." Instead, we do what is habitual, routine, and socially a norm. With the Love Your City tool, we can start changing social norms to be driven by impact, not just money. If you are looking for a way to accelerate city sustainability and greater equity in the world, its time to make it the cool, normal standard - a real part of your culture - not just an afterthought. Let us help you be the leader and person you really want to be.

Key Benefits

The benefits of our program are 1) its founded in principles of psychology, not just education (and we know facts are not believed anyway), 2) it helps make the problems we are trying to solve transparent (we will only be able to see a better future if we understand exactly where we are today), and 3) it has multiple levels of engagement so that people can select the impact journey that makes the most sense for them.


Local government leaders and foundations can help launch the Love Your City platform in your community, and after we launch, we will build a self-sustaining program.

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