A revolutionary technology rapidly stabilises organic materials without the use of enzymes or chemical additives. Quiet, sealed, safe, hygienic, compact, and economical to run.


An innovation to treat digestate from anaerobic digestor plants or food waste into high-quality fertiliser or waste water into stabilised grey water. This technology can produce protein food for insect farms.

Key Benefits

The technology converts organic materials into useful products, such as energy, heat, organic fertiliser and animal feed. Thus giving additional income from otherwise environmentally damaging materials, which comes at a cost of treatment.


Our market is businesses and farmers with organic waste as a problem. As this is extremely broad, initially we intend to target the following markets:
1. Micro onsite food waste management solution
2. Farmers, where we add value by generating additional revenue from their by-products
3. Anaerobic digester (AD) plant owners, where we transform their liquid digestate into high-quality fertiliser

We have two revenue streams:
1. Sales, rental, or lease of our patented technology
2. Fertiliser, animal feed, or energy sales

There are 650 AD plants in the UK (c.22,000 around the world) and a majority of them are facing stricter regulations.

The fertiliser market is valued at $156B while the organic fertiliser market is growing at a rate of 14.3% CAGR to $19.3B.

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