Our proprietary algorithm enables rewarding user actions with increasing progressive discount in real time, on a gift card or a product.


All in one, ready to use rewarding platform with no integration needed.

We are an online multi-currency, multi-language "Reward As A Service" Platform
which helps motivate your users to perform marketing/loyalty actions by rewarding them with increasing discounts on gift cards or other engaging product.

• The discounting effect is immediate, visible in real-time, and increases based on other user actions.

• Each user decides freely whether or at what price they wish to purchase the gift card/product.

• The platform enables a variety user actions (social interaction, survey, video views, A/B testing) on a global basis (multi-product, multi-currency, multi-language).

You can use Madai micro rewards to reward simple actions such as newsletter subscription, to incentivize a product purchase or to reward a returning user, or, to easily build a sophisticated, full loyalty program for your corporation.

Key Benefits

• A progressive increasing reward - each reward value your user receives only keeps growing on our platform thanks to the CrowdRewarding effect (proprietary algorithm)

• Integration free, lean and frictionless. All in one, ready to use, Reward as A Service.

• Our micro rewards value starts at $0.50 - any amount (scalable, flexible) which allows us to reward even the smallest actions (i.e., Facebook like)

• Pay per performance pricing model with special pricing options for large volumes.


Madai micro rewards can used for one-shot rewarding initiative or to build a sophisticated long term loyalty-incentivizing program.

More specifically;

• Profiling

• Up and Cross Selling

• Retention

• Surveys and market research

• Ads campaign optimization

• Traffic conversion

• Community participation

• Education

• Customer re-engagement

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