The Madaster platform generates building passports, financial & environmental valuation and data management functionality with the aim to facilitate a circular economy.


Future generations and materials matter!

Madaster wants to empower humanity to stay within planetary boundaries so that everybody can live in an environment without waste. We want to adjust our economic system so that earth’s resources can restore, and resource scarcity be avoided. We believe in the power of data intelligence, the power of collaboration and openness to enable this transition to a more liveable future.

The Madaster platform is a unique, innovative, disruptive online cloud platform providing the user a ‘one stop access point’ to leverage their property data to meet and exceed their environmental, regulatory, health and financial driven ambitions across the full lifecycle of the object. Construction object information (digital twin) containing asset-, product- and material-data can be stored, enriched, shared and managed. Madaster automatically processes IFC files (BIM software) and enriches them with data from other public and non-public sources.

Madaster creates transparency about material assets by generating material passports of a physical object based on the registration of materials, components and products used. It generates insight in the financial valuation, embedded carbon, toxicity and reuse potential of the applied materials, components and products.

The platform provides a trusted source of data for an ecosystem that includes marketplaces (for reused products), designers, financers, valuators and regulators. These third party applications and services are accessible through the platform on request of the platform users. In all situations, data is safely and securely stored and can be easily managed by the users. This is governed by an independent supervisory entity.

Key Benefits

1) Asset management data in control
2) Automatically generate building passports
3) Automatically generate financial and environmental valuation of your assets (carbon & health)
4) Compliance with (future) ESG regulation on building logbooks
5) Support circular economy concepts related to reuse of products and materials


Real estate investment, design, development, construction and maintenance. Infrastructure design, construction and maintenance. Area development. Construction product manufacturing and distribution.

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