SBQ's system allows autonomous machinery to navigate in a mine using only magnetic fields. It also can be used as an anti-collision system, limiting risk to human operators.


SBQuantum is building a Magnetic Intelligence Platform, a relative navigation system for GPS denied environments. It combines an array of magnetic sensors mounted on vehicles with a magnetic beacon worn by operators within the mine. Initially, this acts as an anti-collision system but eventually it will allow autonomous vehicles to navigate around humans or other, marked, key landmarks.

Key Benefits

Reduced risk to human operators in mines - this system will act as an anti-collision system, de-risking the introduction of autonomous vehicles to mines where viability may be limited, Lidar may be obscured by dust and GPS is denied. It will increase safety and ensure that hybrid workspaces between autonomous and non-autonomous are possible.

Increase efficiency - by using a relative navigation system based on magnetic fields, machinery will be able to platoon at closer distances thus increasing overall mine efficiency. It will also reduce downtime due to accidents.


- Anti-collision system for mines
- Relative positioning navigations systems for underground autonomous machinery
- Improved magnetic surveys for mineral exploration

- MAD system
- Navigation in GPs denied environments
- Various detection and classification use cases

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