It takes 3-5 minutes to get a "helicopter view" of life, then come all the tools to enhance it: choose a priority area of life, describe your 10/10, plan and commit to steps, BOOM!


If a person commits to using our app and executes tasks he/she have set, then on average his/her satisfaction with life will increase by at least 15% within the first 12 months. This process starts with users input on lifestyle and inner resource satisfaction in a quantified way, with all the upsides and downsides calculated. After he or she sees clearly what should be improved, we offer ways of how to improve, including tips, advices, but most of all we aim for the user to take real life steps. To make sure that user will act, they're prompted to set a priority area of life for the closest month, and then set actions that would enhance this area, with other areas following. Plenty of suggestions and tips are provided for users who know exactly which area is falling behind but don't know of any meaningful steps to improve. When users check in our app, their attention is being lifted above the noise of everyday life and general "i'm ok" answers. They gain awareness that leads to a wide variety of positive changes - they start caring about their bodies and souls, stop losing time on things and with people who don't contribute to their deeper values and happiness, make steps towards the dreams and improvements that they have been saying "later" to, sometimes for years and even decades. There are many business uses for our app, here's to name a few: 1. General enhancement of mental wellbeing of your employees, preventing burnout and showing them you care about them truly, which will reduce chances of them leaving your company, 2. General enhancement of satisfaction with life of your customers or audience (who will associate this enhancement with you, regardless of your product or service), 3. Long term engagement of your audience by showing them your ads within the app, 4. Deeper work with your audience`s personal growth and happiness on a group, batch and personal levels. The main psychological technique in the app has been used by one of the founders for over 11 years. During that time, it has been expanded and re-designed multiple times, and instruments for statistical analysis were implemented. At this stage of development it is possible to not only reflect the current stage of life and inner resources of user and see the past performance in beautiful charts overlooking the progress made over time, but also find the life areas with the biggest influence on persons overall perception of his/her state of life, so that they stress less about them and/or work their hardest to get to high scores in these areas. This app was designed for usage on a daily basis and we recommend doing so to all our users. The closer the person gets to his/her version of perfection, the harder it is to see large improvements, so after 12 months further percentage of growth will depend on where the person is and how hard the person wants to live their "perfect 10" life. That being said, in each life`s crisis it is beneficial to separate the few areas that are burning from all those which are perfectly well - it helps greatly to reduce the stress and focus on the necessary action. Last but not least, we are also partnering up with coaching academies and different personal development institutions, so that we can build a bridge between users and competent professionals from respective areas, so that they would supercharge those users who are willing to go the extra mile.

Key Benefits

You will get happier and more fulfilled and driven people in the space you will be giving it to. If you ask your HR or in-house psychologist to distribute it to your employees, you will get employees who light up and know exactly when they really need to take a break from work. It's up to you as a company leader and the HR that you do all within reasonable boundaries to keep the employees wishes resolved and satisfied, and our tool may show which areas exactly need the tune-up and around which area of life or inner resource to build the recovery activities. Yet we strongly encourage your company and your brand to give it to your end clients, so that they would know exactly why they need your service - you can explain it to them within an intro email (pointing to the areas of life you aim to improve for your audience) or straight in the app, showing them your ads and preferred content.


Our initial market is coaching and personal development institutions, who already have a wide network of mentors and their clients, who will use this app for in-between session monitoring and overall enhancement of client's lives, with the hidden benefit for these specialists of having a clear measurement of their success with the clients that the latter would be unable to reject. From here we are looking to expand to all areas where there is actual and true care for people's mental wellbeing. Not all businesses care about their employees (not Amazon, certainly), and not all businesses care about their customers and audience. However if a business has a great ethics and approach towards their clients, if they build customer relations and make sure their customers are pleased by all aspects of work with them, this loyalty will go a long way both ways, and we can help with this task.

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