Moodify use its proprietary AI based malodor control software to mask the bad smell generated by the Calcium/Potassium Thioglycolate ingredient in depilatory creams.


Moodify develops malodor solutions for a range of applications based on its AI algorithm and 'White technology'.

Example of commercialized product: Cat Litter Malodor Solution (Eliminate your cat litter stench Immediately! – Moodify-UK (

Development of products with large corporations (ex. P&G) for personal care (deodorants) and home care (detergents).

Key Benefits

A malodor-free depilatory cream will significantly enhance the user's experience. Bad smell is a major pain point for this method of hair removal. To date common perfume-based solutions are not effective. Our solution, based on the 'White Technology' effectively preventing the brain from recognizing the bad smell, is a cost-effective solution working with all types of creams available in the market.


Moodify is developing a prototype formula with the intention to offer it (B2B) to the major brands as a basic formula for all their existing depilatory creams.

Moodify also intend to develop a full product (niche market) - a depilatory cream for men (typically have more bad smell).

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