Using VCode as a means of identifying and tracking the use of plastics and other materials used in POSM to manage their reuse and recycling.


VCode is a replacement for bar and QR codes, with a much faster response time and other benefits, such as multiple links available per code, and unlimited numbers of codes. As with other existing codes, it provides a link to URLs and specified information; unlike the others, the VCode can be programmed to provide multiple links depending on your choices - location, time, person and so on. It is secure and can be reprogrammed over time - it provides multi-usage over the product's lifetime, and can even be used to record post-operative decisions. In the case of HH Global's requirements, the VCode can be used to label, advise on and track the use of the materials in a POS set up, after its use is completed.

Key Benefits

These are some of the benefits, which will apply in part or in whole, dependent on how it is used. Unlike bar codes and QR codes, VCodes are closed loop, allowing complete security. They are reprogrammable. The person scanning can be identified by time, location, interest etc). There are unlimited VCodes available. Each VCode can provide multiple links. Rules and permissions can be set to determine who can access what, where and when, and which piece of information they can access. VCodes can be used for cradle-to-grave manufacturing and supply chain monitoring, from factory through shipping to vendor, end user and even to recycling. VCodes can be read on the fly. They can be used for anti-counterfeiting and supply chain security. Dynamic content delivery is a given. API and SDK links / integration are available, and the content can be changed at will.


VCodes can be created on paper, on labels, cardboard, etched on metal, glass and plastic, and even generated in a virtual world. They can thus be used in any location and attached to any material. They can be created in any size; some applications require extreme security, and VCodes can be as small as 100 microns in cross section. They can be scanned by any existing scanning system (requiring just a firmware upgrade) and equally by any smart device using the VCode app. When a VCode application is set up, as many VCodes as are required can be supplied, at zero cost. The charging only kicks in when a VCode is scanned.

Each scan is registered on your dashboard, integrated within your system. On the dashboard, you get real time feedback about which device is being scanned, were and when and by whom. Equally you build up a database of all scanning activity, enabling you to create big data for future analysis. Each VCode can be programmed with multiple links and multiple rules. If it is important to know where a particular device is being scanned, that can be pre-programmed. If you need to know who is scanning the code, that can be programmed as well, so that only certain individuals are given access rights to whatever information that link will provide.

VCodes do not hold information – they are secure links to the cloud where information can be captured, or where information can be sent back to the scanner. As an example, you could attach a VCode to each of the different materials used to create the POS object, enabling the person who is disassembling it to understand what material each part is made of, and how it can be disposed of or reused.

Because VCodes can be programmed to provide different links depending on who is scanning, when and where, you can add value to your clients by proposing they employ VCode themselves as a mechanism for them to engage with their potential customers. For example, if someone is looking at a POS setup holding makeup, using a mobile app (provided by VCode but through SDK or API links, integrated into their own app), they could scan the VCode and be provided with specific information about the product. This can be geofenced (a different message in London and Paris, or even in Selfridges and Harrods), time limited (a specific offer until midnight, followed by a new message the following day) and even targeted to that specific potential customer, based on information uploaded when they signed up on the app).

The way in which VCodes can work is integratable within your own and your clients' systems, and can be set up to match your and their specific requirements. With more information, we can jointly discuss and specify how to maximise your benefits from the use of VCodes.

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