Material to Replace Plastics

Novel Lignin-Based Biodegradable Plastic Replacement

Lignin-Based nanoparticles and smart polymers are novel biodegradable materials to replace plastics. This material is lignin and castor-oil based polyethylene terephthalate analog.


The new material developed is a lignin and castor oil-based polyethylene terephthalate (PET) analog polymer that is synthesized using raw materials that do not have food value, exhibit biodegradability, and are sufficiently durable, strong and flexible enough to perform in a similar manner as plastics. The lignin and castor oil ratio can be adjusted to change the properties of the material. This material also has the advantage of suitability for manufacture in existing PET production facilities due to similarities in thermal properties such as glass transition temperatures and melting temperatures. The methods and equipment used for PET products can be readily adapted to make the novel lignin-based polymer.

Key Benefits

-biodegradable plastic replacement -inexpensive raw materials -raw materials do not have food value -strong and flexible (similar properties as plastics) -ratio of raw materials can be adjusted to adjust properties -can be manufactured in existing PET production facilities


Plastic replacement such as: -aquaculture netting -rope -packaging

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