We utilise the metaverse through our platform creating new experiences for brands and customers utilising, gaming, NFT's and avatars to explore amazing ways to engage the world


Wakaw World is a ready to use platform, that has its own easy to use backend that works for any brand, retailer or platform. Using the platform brands and retailers can connect with consumers in a number of ways, by letting them enter 3D virtual suites, participate in Virtual Retail Showrooms, Brand Activations, Sports, Music, Gaming events, interact with NFT Galleries and even get access to Premium exclusive Content and events or meta-meet their favourite stars, Brands and Brand Ambassadors. The possibilities are endless, only contained by our own minds.

Key Benefits

1. Ready for market 2. Experienced team 3. Solid backend 4. UK & Europe personnel


Can be used for Brands, Retail, Events or shopping centres

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