Clothes are coated in a layer of protection that inhibits bacterial growth meaning clothes stay fresher for longer and are protected from bacteria and viral residue


Our technology is currently applied at production stage to a range of products, the technology inhibits the growth of bacteria stopping odour development, it is human safe and is used in bedding for babies. In trials carried out independently by the university of Leicester our product has been shown to destroy viruses on fabrics in 30-120 minutes, leaving garments covid-safe. We have recently trialled our product as a laundry additive. When applied as a softener on a cool wash the product coats garments and has the same properties, stopping odours developing whilst the clothes are being worn.

Key Benefits

Clothes/shoes/products stay fresher for longer. Washing can be completed at low temperatures, and garments can be washed less frequently extending their lifespan


Shoes (Back to school campaign), clothing, plastics (bottles), leather (Furniture/products)

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