Fat crystall microencapsulated with stabilizing and structuring function for application in products TRANS FREE and LOW SAT, as biscuits, chocolate, spreads and plant based product


Noviga offers an option to trans free fat for food products. The trans fat is being banned in the world because it is very dangerous to the health.
There are a lot of technologies challenges to change trans fat to trans free fat, how structure of products, oil exudation and emulsion stability. Problems in quality and process are affected.
The differential of this technology is the nanotechnology. It was possible to produce a crystal microencapsulated responsible to create a stable, strong and homogeneous fat crystal net, improving the quality of products.
In laboratory the improve of texture and the seed crystallization action was proved but is important to valid in real production line.
The microencapsulation produces microencapsulated fat crystals with microns size. The dispersion of this product in trans free fat is homogeneous and during the crystallization process, these fat crystals promote the acceleration of crystallization and produce a fat net structured. This net is capable to improve the emulsion stabilization and structure of fat products.Microencapsulated fat crystals reduce the time of crystallization process, improve the productivity and reduce energy consumption.

Key Benefits

This product is healthy, trans free fat and can be add in a variety of fat and oils.
It is a powder easly to transport, storage and application, without control temperature required.
Fat crystals easily added in various food products to produce products with trans free fat, industrially suitable and attractive to the consumer.


Biscuits, wafer, chocolate, margarine, spread, cream, emulsions, plant based products, ice cream.

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