Inline continuous flow processor that can be scaled to fit any application. Capable of processing the most sensitive food products while preserving the quality and nutrients.


Our continuous flow microwave processor improves accessibility to high quality shelf stable foods by offering an affordable alternative to indirect steam heating at any scale. Converting from fossil fuel driven steam heating to clean electric heating increases efficiency, reduces carbon footprint, and the resulting rapid heating has a substantial improvement in color, texture, and nutrient retention. The systems can be scaled up or down as needed from lab scale test systems to full scale commercial. All systems are capable of pasteurization for cold chain products or sterilization for shelf stable products and are compatible with a wide range of product properties (pB, Brix, Viscosity).

Key Benefits

Electric powered instead of steam.
Direct heating to increase efficiency.
Rapid heating to improve product quality.
Available in scales from 60 lph to 6000 lph.
Ideally suited for high quality, nutrient rich products and higher viscosity products that are limited by current process technologies.


Ready to Eat (RTE) foods.
Ready to Drink (RTD) beverages.
Bulk ingredients.
Babyfood, smoothies, soups, sauces, sides, concentrates, fruits, and vegetables.

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