We have a range of smart devices and a IOT platform that enables us to control and monitor heating, lighting and power. We own the platform which enables us to offer bespoke dev.


Our solution is a full software stack and hardware solution which enables the control and monitoring of heating, lighting and power within properties. We have thermostats, light switches and power sockets. We own the full stack and therefore are able to integrate and provide bespoke development to customers

Our smart home solution is particularly powerful for companies with distributed dwelling where the tenant is not responsible for the energy bills.

We currently sell the product direct to consumers however we see the real opportunity working with companies with distributed dwelling under management such as build to rent facilities managers; multi retail site; university halls; social housing and hospitality in particular multi room or lodge environments.

We have a number of existing trials and projects to reduce energy for businesses.

Key Benefits

Energy reduction, we have demonstrated over 30% energy reduction in some trials. Owning the full stack also enables us to innovate for our customers and creating bespoke solution, for example we recently put in an auto reset for heating in to the software for a hospitality partner. This enabled them to reduce energy usage on a daily basis.


Increase efficiency by receiving data of usage of heating and lighting, also by setting up automations to control heating and lighting which means staff do not have to make changes

Mitigate risk of frost by setting up weather based automations

Improve environment by reducing energy usage and therefore carbon footprint

Reduce cost by controlling and monitoring energy usage, by setting up automations to control heating, lighting and power.

Improve customer care by controlling the heating to be constant and reacting to weather.

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