We provide a theft-proof scan, pay and leave in-store checkout that eliminates queuing, increases sales and improves customer experience. It's Amazon go, at a fraction of the cost!


The idea for MishiPay was originally conceived when Mustafa Khanwala, CoFounder and CEO, waited in a queue for 20 mins, just to buy one item. Frustrated, he thought that there has to be a better way to do this, for both stores and their customers; and thus, the journey began.


Ever since online shopping was invented, we've started to become more impatient and have hated queuing and the current in-store checkouts more than ever. Every single day, retailers around the world lose over $550 million in sales just because of this issue while we are frustrated because of the time we waste standing in annoying queues. All of us love the in-store experience for being able to feel and try out the clothes and buy them on the spot, but that nightmare of a queue in the end causes a lot of us to abandon our shopping. MishiPay is here to change that.


MishiPay allows shoppers to pick up an item, scan the barcode with their phone, pay with the phone and simply walk out of the door with it. If they try to steal, our patent-pending technology immediately catches them and sounds the alarm.

So we don’t just reduce the queue but completely eliminate it, while ensuring security and still using existing barcodes. That creates an Amazon Go customer experience for every retailer, whilst maintaining current systems, not needing to change internal infrastructure, and enhancing staff-shopper interaction.

This will help ensure retailers get back the $200 Billion lost in sales every year due to queuing and bring the best parts of online shopping into the physical world, thus making shopping on the high street just as seamless as shopping online.


After our highly successful first stage trials in Spitalfields market, we have delivered paid projects to Deloitte and have built partnerships with global heavyweights like Cisco and Nedap. We are also developing relationships with other large RFID and Retail Technology providers across the globe and are now delivering projects to major retailers in India, Europe and the Middle East. 


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