MishiPay technology allows in-store shoppers to pick up a product, scan the barcode and pay with their phone, and simply walk out of the shop with their purchase.


MishiPay is a mobile self-checkout solution that brings the best of the online checkout experience to physical retail stores. Our technology allows in-store shoppers to pick up a product, scan the barcode and pay with their phone, and simply walk out of the shop with their purchase. Using our technology means shoppers no longer have to queue up at the checkout to pay for their goods, they receive more personalised, tailored information and they no longer have to keep track of loose receipts because we email their proof of purchase as well as holding it in-app. Our solution benefits retailers by increasing their sales by giving their customers the ability to buy instantly, which leads in turn to increased customer satisfaction. We improve their profitability by reducing the need for checkouts (and the space they require) and also enabling checkout staff to be redeployed to the shop floor to offer improved customer service. What's more, we offer priceless data insights into retailers' in-store customers; we show retailers not just what their customers purchased, but what they didn't purchase and why. Thanks to the skills of our development team and our carefully curated list of partners (including Avery Dennison, Microsoft, Cisco, Nedap and more), our solution is scaleable and sustainable. We integrate with retailers' existing systems with no requirement for any investment in additional hardware, which means we can go live in stores in as little as four weeks. We believe in the power and joy of in-store retail and have designed our technology to create the kind of outstanding customer experience that will help our high streets to thrive again.

Key Benefits

Our solution is primarily tackling queueing; a problem that, according to Adyen, has caused the European retail sector to lose €34 billion in the last 12 months alone because customers were put off by long waiting times. But our solution offers many other benefits to both shops and their shoppers: using MishiPay gives shoppers a quicker and smoother checkout experience, personalised product information, digital receipts and the opportunity to experience the best of the digital world in brick and mortar stores. We impact shops by increasing their sales through increasing return rates, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the time between a customer deciding to purchase a product and them actually buying it; with MishiPay they can buy instantly, rather than having to locate and travel to a checkout and then wait in a queue for service. We increase store profitability by reducing the space required for checkouts and their associated equipment, and facilitating staff being redeployed from behind the cash desk to the shop floor to improve customer service and profits. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we provide priceless priceless data insights to retailers about their in-store customers. Retailers have had lakes of data about their online consumers for many years, and using MishiPay helps them to address the data blackhole they have in their shops. We show retailers not just what their customers, but what they didn't buy - and why. The datapoints we can deliver help retailers to shape their in-store offerings, and we facilitate more personal, engaging experiences for their shoppers.


Our solution is applicable to in-store shoppers who have a smartphone.

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