Plexure is an intelligent marketing platform that powers mobile marketing, helping brands create world-class customer engagement. 


Customer engagement is the emotional connection between a customer and a brand. The more engaged a customer is, the more loyal they are and the more they buy. From stimulating the very first interaction through to retaining intensely loyal customers, personalization is central to your
customer engagement strategy.

At our core, we’re customer engagement professionals. We partner with clients globally to understand their unique business needs and tailor solutions that achieve the desired goals. What that looks like is different for each client, but is often centred around optimizing customer acquisition, accelerating growth, recognizing and rewarding loyal customers, winning back lapsed customers, or a combination of these.

Plexure is transforming customer engagement using deep intelligence of where a customer is, what they want and how they want to buy, allowing Brands to anticipate and grow their opportunity and value.

Our intelligent platform leverages AI and Machine Learning to personalize content and offers. Thousands of attributes such as weather, location and purchase behaviour allow Brands to deliver targeted and relevant messages to consumers on the go, at the time it matters most, driving customer lifetime value and retention.

Plexure is live in 61 countries and has over 150 million users on the platform with global brands including McDonalds, IKEA, 7-Eleven and White Castle.

Key Benefits

Plexure allows Brands to engage with their customers in real time, delivering ‘in the moment’ engagement that is hyper personalized and anticipates what consumers want.  Personalised engagement results in improved brand loyalty and increases frequency, spend and share of wallet.

With Plexure you can engage with you consumers in a variety of ways including targeted push messaging, in-app offers and content, loyalty programmes and mobile ordering and payment.

Our CRM programs are designed to welcome, develop, retain and win back customers, allowing you to drive loyalty and deliver increased revenue from your customers.

Key to getting it right is the ability to test, measure and execute marketing initiatives that evolve in real time, based on customer interaction; offers are refined and engagement is tweaked to optimize the experience for customers and drive results for the Brand.

Plexure effectively manages the array of data and tools available so that Brands can create consumer engagement that is uniquely tailored to the individual. Importantly this new level of personalized engagement is automated and scalable making the dream of customized 1:1 engagement en masse a reality without overloading your data science and marketing campaign teams.


We harness the power of data to deeply personalize interactions between enterprises and consumers.

Plexure can scale to support any opportunity; live and in market with over 150 million users across 61 countries, 300 Million customer transactions are processed every day, with $3 billion in personalized offers redeemed.

- Engagement to personalize communications, enhance loyalty and increase sales
- Create profiles and optimize transactions and customer satisfaction
- Next generation loyalty features utilizing in-app and mobile wallet digital loyalty card, points earn & burn, progress indicators and member status, digital punch card(s), tiering, rewards
- Fast and easy integration with 3rd party vendors and internal systems
- Future proof enhancements and development
- Customer Engagement Specialist support to help set up, create and optimize campaigns
- AI deep analytics and reporting
- Spotlight insights (AI/ML automated insights that identify important changes in the data)
- AI predictions
- Security and fraud protection
- AI fraud protection in real-time

Plexure’s custom-built Artificial Intelligence capability is how we make sure your marketing messages are on point and on time, every time, at mass scale. It’s how we help you segment your customer database with more granularity than ever before so you can pinpoint the exact messages to send. And how we protect you from fraudulent activities by detecting whether the person at the end of the device is who they say they are. And, it’s also how we help you identify what the next best offer should be for each individual customer without actually having to be mind readers, keeping them engaged and wanting more.

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