We provide a stackable and movable safe locker system where a "user" safely puts away its belongings onsite (or reserve online) . Optionally with fire-ext. for Li-batteries (ebike)


Customer experience is driven by carefree services. One of the most important aspects of any sort of travel is safety and ease of use. People have anxiety when they travel if they cannot be sure that their belongings are safe.

We can be a piece of the solution. We provide a smart lockable and stackable system, up to any standard in the market (e.g.automotive etc..). That is easy to use, easy to move and keeps your belongings safe. We can customize to any environment and connect to any other system through an API (e.g. for reservations or skip the line)

As an extra we can add features and be future proof. For example we see people use more and more foldable e-bikes. The lockers can be equipped with a fire detection and fire retardant system especially made for lithium batteries.

Key Benefits

- Adaptable to the location
- Lightweight but safe
- Smart
- Future proof


This application is valid for any target location where weight and size are limited but where there is a need for safety (storage) and intelligence.

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