Our mobile system cleans and dewaters industrial wastewater at the spot for direct reuse in the working process. 100% wastewater are converted into 99% clearwater and 1% sludge.


Ourmobile system is integrated in a 20 foot container and is able to filter up to 200 l / min of polluted process waste-water to max. particle size of 1/1.000 mm for direct reuse at the spot.

The compact construction of our system in a container allows 100% mobility. It only takes few steps to get the fully automated wastewater treatment plant running, on every construction site, in all climate zones of this earth.

In combination we also offer a sludge dewatering unit also built in a container. The mobile sludge dewatering is a compact and fully automated solution to thicken up to 12m³/h of liquid sludge and then dispose it in a built in big bag for easy handling.

Key Benefits

1. Economically: Save up to 70% of the traditional water management cost (like logistics, personnel, disposal cost,...)

2. Ecologically: Protection of precious water resources through direct reuse of the filtered wastewater. Perfect example of a circle economy.


Whereever large amounts of (toxic) wastewater are being generated. Typically, but not limited to, high pressure water applications. Practical examples are:

- Hydrodemolition
- Decoating/repair of ships
- Surface preparation
- Cleaning (like tanks,...)
- Special applications

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