A natural & zero-calorie sweetener that delivers a clean sweet taste with no after-taste unlike many sweeteners. It comes in different forms to suit application needs


We, at Unibourne provide speciality ingredients procured from trustworthy sources around the world. We create value for our customers by ensuring that only the best quality ingredients with excellent logistics and supply chain support are delivered to them via broadest gamut of ingredients the industry can offer. That is why our motto stands for “Bringing the World of Food Ingredients to Your Doorstep”. With our carefully sourced ingredients, we want to help the food industry transition their products to a more superior and healthy quality.

As the consumers quest to satiate their sweet tooth with something healthy yet delectable continues, food developers have ventured into many non-nutritive sugar alternatives. Many of these are artificial sweeteners which come with various disclaimers like “not recommended for phenylketonurics”, “not recommended for children suffering from seizure disorders”, “not recommended pregnant and lactating mothers”, “may have laxative effect”, “may cause bloating and diarrhoea in children”, “may reduce calcium absorption in post-menopausal women”. Such statements are of serious concern both for the manufacturer, as it creates a negative impact on the saleability and the consumer, if they do not have an understanding of such claims. On the other hand, it is difficult to use many natural sweeteners due to unpleasant lingering taste or bitter aftertaste.

Then there's monk fruit. Monk fruit is also known as luo han guo. The Cucurbitaceae (gourd) plant family includes this tiny, green fruit. The name is dedicated to the monks who gathered the fruit in the mountains of southern China during the 13th century. This fruit is dried and processed into a sweetener. Monk fruit sweetener has been hailed as a game-changing approach to sweeten dishes and beverages without the negative consequences of sugar and sugar substitutes.

Monk fruit sweetener is very different both in terms of being free from label disclaimers and delivering a clean taste. The different grades have a sweetness range from 5 to 425 times that of sugar depending on the mogroside content. Mogrosides are potent antioxidants which are processed by the body differently than natural sugars. Because of this, there are many health benefits associated with monk fruit sweeteners; has no effect on the blood sugar level and does not cause dental carries, contributes to clearing heat & blood-cooling, produces saliva & helps to stop coughing, relaxes the bowel & detoxifies the body, nourishes the lungs and reduces phlegm, plenty of vitamin C that is good for skin, also beneficial for facial care as it has anti-aging properties.

Key Benefits

a. No solvent residue because of water based extraction
b. Its sweetness is stable under neutral and acidic conditions
c. It does not change under normal baking and boiling conditions.
d. Good solubility
e. It can enhance the sensory acceptance of your product and still keep it under the healthy product category.
f. No bitter aftertaste, unlike some other sugar substitutes.
g. It can meet most requirements for processing production


Beverage –
1. Improves taste, and adds a refreshing feel.
2. Sweetness lasts for a long time and no browning is seen, which helps to maintain the true color of the drink.
3. Goes perfectly well with RTD beverages, coffee, tea, etc.
4. Help deliver beverage with low calorific value.

Bakery and Confectionery -
1. A good alternative to sugar in baked products.
2. It helps to achieve low calorie, low sugar end products.
3. Improves the flavor.
4. Long lasting sweetness.
5. Prevent dental caries, protects children’s tooth. Therefore, it can be added into children’s confectionery items.

Dairy -
1. Has a synergistic effect on milk flavor and can mask the milky smell.
2. Promotes absorption of minerals.
3. Boosts the taste and sweet flavor.
4. Provides a new functional selling point to the product.
5. Significantly reduces amount of sugar and calories in the product.

Powdered Drinks –
1. Good water solubility and no precipitation on reconstitution.
2. Stable physical and chemical properties
3. Does not become a source of microbial nutrients.
4. Extended product shelf life.
5. Significantly reduces sugar content and calories, making it an acceptable addition to nutraceutical powders.

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