Fully branded discount cards offering your customers savings in complementary businesses. Customers carry your branding in their wallet all year round; cost-effective sales tool.


Imagine if your customers thought about your company every day. Imagine if your customers always picked your company because they knew they’d get the most from the deal. This actual product is the ultimate membership card for business people, unlocking exclusive offers and discounts from dozens of top brands including Google, O2 and Experian. This product is about delivering everyday savings across everyday spend and putting money back in the pockets of business-people and business-owners. This product is a unique product; through intensive research, we’ve identified where business-people spend the most money and where we can add the greatest value. It’s a low-cost, high-value membership used to reduce costs, focused on year-round rewards and supported by the UK’s biggest business-to-business brands. For their membership, cardholders receive a physical card and access to a members-only website platform where all the discounts are held and updated regularly. We personalise these cards with your company brand and allow you to choose what discounts your customers get elsewhere. You can use the cards as a great ‘add on’ tool for existing products and services, or use it to aid retention. Offer your customers an opportunity to save money everyday and demonstrate that you have carefully considered their needs in this current economic climate by providing them with a cost cutting tool that will help make their business more efficient. Our research has shown that when customers choose a product or service, they often go with the company that provide “added value”. A gift that puts more money in their pockets, is an opportunity too great to be refused by most. Personalised branded cards ensure that every time your customer takes their card out of their wallet or purse, they’ll think of your organisation; it’s a great talking point, when their colleagues or friends ask where they got the card from, your brand will be mentioned! The product is a cost-effective way of providing your customers with an additional service to say thank you for their custom. Thank them for choosing you above your competitors; Give your customers another reason to choose you year after year.

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