Web-based teambuilding platform for remote teams. Using gamification for collaborative, multi-player experiences that help teams prosper.


Muster is a web-based, multiplayer game platform for team development providing dynamic training material and collaborative experiences designed to create high performing teams. Supporting self-managed team working and connecting team members globally, especially if team members are working remotely. It contains games, icebreakers, surveys, avatars, 3D environments, business processing tools, performance monitoring tools, videos, and a library of reference materials. It incorporates voice, chat, and live video. And it has a built in calculator to measure how much CO2e a team saves when it meets in Muster. We currently have a working MVP to demonstrate.

Key Benefits

Teambuilding is accessible for remote teams
Creates high performing teams that boost competitive advantage
Huge CO2e savings each time a team musters with Muster
Motivated and engaged teams lead to lower absence and attrition
Companies can slash their travel and accommodation budget
Interactive content that drives high levels of learning retention
Onboard new team members easily
Self-sufficient team development


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