The first industrial, modular, flexible, and decentralized LIME & CO₂ production plant.


QualiCal NANO is at the forefront of sustainable innovation, introducing the world's first modular, flexible, and decentralized lime and CO2 production kiln. With a strong commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and fostering industry advancements, we are currently in the fundraising stage, seeking €2.5M for prototype development. Our vision is to commence commercialization by 2025, offering a solution that aligns with global sustainability goals.

Key Benefits

NANO's unique solution significantly reduces the environmental impact of lime and CO2 production. By leveraging renewable energy and optimizing quarry resources, we produce high-quality, pure quicklime and pure CO2. Our modular and decentralized approach offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, making it a cost-effective and efficient choice for a wide range of applications. This not only minimizes the carbon footprint but also contributes to a more sustainable and circular economy.


Our target market is diverse, catering to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), key players in the lime market, and industries such as steel and construction. We also aim to serve micro and small producers, particularly in economically less affluent but widely distributed regions like Africa, India, and Indonesia, where there is a demand for smaller, more localized production capabilities. Additionally, we target CO2 producers and consumers across various sectors. With a dual focus on the €58B lime market and the €11B CO2 market, we offer two sales channels: Direct kiln sales and Hardware-as-a-Service. This allows us to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of clients, from large corporations to small, localized producers.

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