Highly stable, Room-Temperature Sinterable Copper-Gold Alloy Nanoparticle ink technology for high-performance electronics


This new technology features a new copper-gold (CuAu) alloy nanoparticle ink technology in which the CuAu alloy nanoparticle ink can be printed on a substrate and become electrically conductive at room temperature without the need of any external triggering actions. In comparison with existing room-temperature sinterable Ag nanoink technology or thermally/optically-sinterable Cu nanoink technology, the new CuAu nanoparticles feature not only adjustable compositions, but also can be used for the same applications but with the major advantage of high stability

Key Benefits

Unlike existing room-temperature sinterable Ag nanoink technology, these new copper-gold nanoparticle have high stability, which is highly desired for high-performance electronics and device applications.

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