Natural antimicrobial proteins

Strategy for formulation and stabilization of natural immune supporting proteins

Novel strategies for isolation, formulation and stabilization of natural antimicrobial proteins such as immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and ovotransferrin


Novel Isolation and stabilization methods Milk, egg white, egg yolk, animal plasma and certain plants contain high concentrations of proteins that are known to have immune supporting properties: immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, lysozyme, and ovotransferrin being prominent examples. Our company has a mission to develop innovative commercial processes for extraction of such valuable proteins from natural sources prior to the destructive treatments applied by the food industry and in our kitchens. In fact, we find that by doing so we may not only enable manufacture of immunoprotective proteins but also improve the value of the raw materials provided by our farmers without compromising food quality and food safety. In addition, these biologically active proteins are sensitive to the harsh environment in the stomach which they have to pass when taken orally. We have developed a novel technology for formulation of such proteins such that they can pass the stomach with minimal harm and then be released safely and fuunctionally in the intestines.

Key Benefits

Novel manufacturing methods will provide: Enhanced availability and reduced cost of natural immune supporting proteins Novel formulation and stabilization methods will provide: Improved product stability and efficiency; improved ease-of-use for the end user; improved shelf life


Target market will be dietary supplements for improved immune defense and gastrointestinal health and balance

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