Natural Plating Agent

Citri-Fi® citrus fiber hold ups to 25% oil also providing viscosity & stability

Citri-Fi® citrus fiber is a natural plating agent that can have up to 25% oil load turning difficult oils into flow-able powders & provide viscosity and oil stabilization in food.


The clean label market is driving new innovative ingredient solutions including delivery systems for flavor oils. Citri-Fi® natural citrus fiber is produced using a patented process that opens up the fiber to provide high water holding and oil binding properties. These benefits allow this natural fiber to hold up to at least 25% oil, depending on the oil and to turn difficult-to-use oils into flow-able powders. In addition to the high oil load, this fiber also provides functional benefits in the final product such as viscosity, oil stabilization, mouthfeel and texture. Citri-Fi can be labeled as citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour which resonate well in the clean label and natural food markets. The high oil load and consumer friendly labeling make this natural fiber an ideal fit unlike other plating agents in the marketplace which have oil load limits and questionable labeling. This fiber is non-GMO and allergen-free. And Citri-Fi has no E-number which appeals to the European market.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of this innovation is natural high oil load (25% and higher) depending on the oil type and turning difficult-to-use oils into flow-able powders. Citri-Fi also provides functional benefits in the final food product including viscosity, stabilization and texture.


Beverages: this natural fiber delivers the oil in powdered form, stabilizes the oil and improves the mouthfeel. Injection marinade meats:, this natural ingredient delivers oils, like rosemary oil, into the poultry while increasing the yield, reducing purge and improving the juicy texture. Sauces & dressings: this natural fiber delivers the oil system while improving the viscosity (especially in shear conditions), texture and stability over time.

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