Natural shelf-life extender

A natural edible coating that extend the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables.

We developed a biodegradable and edible coating based on natural fiber that extend the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables, decreasing food waste.


Our vision is based on circular economy. We will recover by-products from agri-food industries and extract raw materials with high added value, such as fiber, vitamins and polyphenols. Then, we use these raw materials to create innovative formulations 100% biodegradable that extend the shelf-life of fresh food. We can create food ingredients, coatings and films, that could also reduce the use of plastic packaging.

Key Benefits

Decreasing industry cost for the disposal of food waste. Decreasing food waste along the supply chain. Extending shelf-life of fresh food. Increasing export possibilities. Decreasing plastic packaging.


Edible coating for citrus fruit as an alternative to wax. Food ingredient to extend shelf-life of minced meat. Biodegradable coating to extend shelf-life of tomatoes and other climacteric fruit.

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