Naurt provides software to improve the tracking accuracy of GPS. Connect Naurt to your app or vehicle to gain better location fixes in real-time.


Naurt's USP is improved tracking accuracy, enabling deeper analytical insight into the field.

In real-time, Naurt will output a new location fix with additional data sets for analytical usage.

Key Benefits

Better tracking accuracy
100% uptime, meaning Naurt will output a location fix once a second every second, even if you go inside.
The level of tracking accuracy allows better data outputs like heading, speed etc.
Software solution, no additional hardware needed


Tracking vehicles - Driver behaviour analytics, location of parked vehicles, productive maintenance.
Tracking staff - Behaviour analytics for job efficiency
Logistics - insight into the field
Delivery - ensure goods are delivered to the correct drop-off location. Naurt can track inside, meaning we can ensure the goods are at the correct front door.
Last mile - We can track if the driver has entered the correct vendor to pick up the goods and guide them to the correct drop-off location.

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