A vegan friendly, soya free and gluten free dry power mix that simply requires the addition of water to form a healthier meat alternative all from natural ingredients.


A dry mix recipe that only requires water to be added to form a meat replacement with 4 flavour profiles. (Southwest mix, Italian mix, Original mix and Mexican mix). These products are only made with natural ingredients and are based upon nuts and chickpeas, combined with other natural ingredients. They are currently packed in 155g pouches with an ambient shelf life of 12 months. We are looking to pack this into 1 kilo pouches for more manufacturing usage in the near future.

Key Benefits

A total meat replacement, which is easy to mix and form into a burger, ball or mince substitute.

Vegan friendly, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Non GMO

Healthy protein from all natural ingredients


Any form of ground meat replacement for any meal occasion

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