We currently provide this through our agent technology on broadband routers/gateways. This could operate in a corporate environment providing our solution and dashboard tech and


We have deployed our technology to telecoms operators looking to provide cyber defence tech and network edge visibility within their residential and SME base. Our agent technology connects to the cloud platform to manage events in and out. So when something happens on the network the cloud is notified and likewise if something happens in the external environment the cloud is notified. These trigger events and alerts back to the network and those devices connected. We are agnostic of device and network.

The agent technology could be re-purposed to operate in the BT environment to extract network and device data directly from devices and displayed within our dashboard. We do capture telemetry data from the devices and network currently to 'normalise' behavior and spot any abnormalities over time. This could be a key input into BT to improve network performance and detect outages. We are also working on an artificial Intelligence solution to identify issues in the network and predict outcomes (currently for cyber defence)

Key Benefits

Providing data on the network edge is critical to both network performance and for cyber defences. Our technology reduces time to serve, reduces churn and increases ARPU, which are the key elements for any network operator. Our Machine Learning will automate some of these processes providing deep insight into the customer and ensuring their services and up-time remain at the very highest level. We were part of the GCHQ accelerator program (graduated June 2019) and had been working with GCHQ throughout the program to ensure our technology was fit for purpose


Our solution in specifically aimed at network operators, currently this is telecoms operators (we have 3 customers) but we do see this applicable to any network operator, whether they are specifically telecoms or managing enterprise networks. We are also looking at our cyber defence tech within the healthcare market to manage risk and cyber attacks within the growing remote healthcare sector and potentially inside primary care establishments as well. Covid has shown that healthcare is a growing attack surface. We also feel the blackdice solution is perfect for remote working, providing enterprise level cyber defence and network/device data to the worker on behalf of the enterprise

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