This novel algorithm provides an optimal solution for network security and governance, based on provable mathematics



Ensuring secure access is critical for high security networks, where the use or misuse of intelligent, adaptive, self-organized sensors and actuators can have significant beneficial or detrimental effects. In a world where network architecture and segmentation are more art than science, McMaster researchers have developed a mathematically provable algorithm for configuring optimally secure networks.

Technology Overview

Capable of grouping nodes into shielded clusters, developing layered policy-based defences and dynamically reconfiguring the network in real time in response to information from nodes, the algorithm scales well to handle very large infrastructure. This algorithm provides a novel way to build secure computer networks by automating access-control configuration of networks on-the-fly. This automation maintains robust security measures as resources are added or removed dynamically to the networks, making it ideal for dynamic software-defined networks.

Stage of Development: Experimentally verified. Demonstrable upon request.


Key Benefits

• Mathematically provable security

• Scalable and automatically reconfigurable on-the-fly


High security computer networks:
• Defense
• Government
• Enterprise Networks
• Financial Institutions

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