No Big Deal lets brands create gamified wellbeing challenges for their community, like walk 50,000 steps for a special offer, or team up with colleagues to walk for the planet.


No Big Deal lets brands engage their employees & customers through wellbeing. Create gamified wellbeing challenges, like walk 50,000 steps for an exclusive offer from a brand or team up with colleagues to reach a million steps to plant trees in the rainforest. The types of challenges a brand can create are limitless and can be done in minutes. In addition to gamifying movement, No Big Deal understands that people, and their motivations, are complex. We take an empathetic and holistic approach to how we speak to users, adapt the user experience, and recommend mini-activities each day to support their mental health.

Key Benefits

- Gives brands a fun way to support the health of their employees and customers
- Provides holistic and empathetic approach to wellbeing to enable inclusivity among complex and diverse communities
- Offers a way for brands to make their communities a part of their sustainability initiatives (eg. team up to walk to plant trees).


- Workforce wellbeing programs, such as creating teams that race to a million steps
- Sustainability challenges, like making your community a part of your strategy by pledging donations that are unlocked by completing walking challenges
- Customer engagement challenges, such as offering exclusive offers as incentive to customers to be healthier

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