New Nanoink Formulation of Copper-based Nanowires for Room-Temperature Sintering to Produce Conductive Traces on Flexible Polymeric Substrates


This new technology features an air-stable and low-cost copper-based nanowire ink formulation for manufacturing wearable electronics and sensors on flexible polymer or paper substrates under ambient conditions. The air stability of the technology is in contrast to the many existing inks which suffers from the mobility of metal ions under humid environment and the propensity of metal oxidation degrading or damaging the electronic. The ambient manufacturing capability of the technology is in contrast to the traditional high-temperature thermal sintering which are not suitable for many common flexible substrates. The metal composition of the new metal alloy ink also features low cost in materials and manufacturing in comparison with most of the existing ink technologies. For wearable electronics and sensors manufacturers who suffer from the pain of high-temperature and high-cost manufacturing with a high failure rate, our new ink technology provides air stability and low temperature operating capability to help the manufacturers to reduce the manufacturing cost at a higher production speed and lower failure rate, unlike the current inks in the market most of which are either high cost or require high operating temperature not viable for flexible or wearable materials.


Key Benefits

(1) Improved stability
(2) Improved processability
(3) Room temperature self-sentirability
(4) Reduced manufacturing costs


Wearable electronics
Wearable sensors

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