Real-time E2E solution for monitoring of electricity, or even gas, water, heat consumption - and various comfort characteristics (temp, hum, CO2...) PLUS CONTROLLING function


EnerIT Innovation Ltd. is an innovative and continuously developing Hungarian-Austrian company. It helps to reduce energy costs and promotes an environmentally conscious approach by controlling and regulating energy consumption.

EnerIT has developed its own novel IoT Smart Energy Portfolio implying
a) IoT Smart Energy METERS (certified accuracy rate: 1%)
b.) SENSORS (eg Temperature, Humidity, CO2...),
d.) REAL-TIME IoT Platform,
e.) BASIC & ADVANCED Visualization.

EnerIT IoT Smart Energy is an internationally competitive complex energy management system that includes EnerIT's unique in-house developed IoT metering, surveillance and controlling devices, the IoT Platform includes data visualization and various EnerIT IoT sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity, CO2). The system enables real-time monitoring of energy consumptions in 1-min level - electricity, or even natural gas, water, heat consumption - and various comfort characteristics.

Meters are able to transmit 1-min data directly on different methods (GSM, NB-IOT, LoRa, Ethernet, WiFi, PLC) without additional data concentrators.

Key Benefits

a.) Outstanding cost-value ratio
b.) Quick & cost effective installation
c.) End2End solution
d.) REAL-TIME system
e.) NOVEL unique features:
- Anomaly detection of Low Voltage characteristics (DSO SLA validation)
- Industrial scaled POWER QUALITY ANALYSER
- 1-min based REAL-TIME information
- Sensors can be connected
- MULTI UTILITY measurement capability (GAS, WATER, HEAT,...)
- Bi-directional meter
f.) BASIC & ADVANCED (Business Intelligence based) Visualization
g.) Wire based or Wireless sensors (Temperature, Hunidity, CO2,...) with 1-min based REAL-TIME information as well


Energy efficiency of

a.) Real estate (Shopmall, Office, Hotel / Apartment, Households,...)
b.) Facility management
c.) Energy management
d.) Industry
- Food production packaging
- Metal processing component manufacturing
- Rubber-plastic manufacturing processing
- Electronic and optical product manufacturing
- Machine and vehicle manufacturing
- Printing industry
- Wood processing furniture
e.) Shipping
f.) Agriculture
g.) Tourism-catering
h.) Commerce

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