Our databases feature thousands of chemically analyzed foods provided by US, Canadian, and UK governments.


MenuSano software is designed with food services and food manufacturers in mind in terms of compliance, as well as allowing them to grow and manage their businesses properly.

For food services, nutrition analysis through MenuSano allows you to inform your customers about the nutritional content of your food. Many governments globally have implemented menu labelling legislation to help combat obesity in the population. There is also compelling research to prove that foodservice providers that display nutrition information outperform their competitors that don’t.

For food manufacturers and processors, MenuSano nutrition software creates nutrition fact labels compliant within Canada, the US, and the UK.

Since MenuSano’s original development, it has become trusted by a range of restaurants, bakeries, healthcare clinics, food startups, manufacturers, and more. It has also picked up several awards from the industry.

MenuSano’s features include nutrition labels with dietary statements (organic, vegan, keto, etc.), allergens, an ingredients list (unilingual and bilingual format), and cannabis edibles and Keto nutrition information.

Key Benefits

Trusted databases, Our extensive databases feature thousands of chemically analysed foods provided by US, Canadian, and UK governments.

MenuSano's behind-the-scenes nutritional calculations follow regulations set out by the FDA, CFIA, and UK regulatory bodies.

Originally designed cooking alongside chefs in a professional kitchen, MenuSano's workflows are designed for the food industry.

Store recipes in the cloud organized within recipe categories. Easily search and edit recipes with additional descriptions and notes.

The software allows you to experiment with new recipes while being able to see the nutritional value of your dishes as you get creative in your kitchen. Additionally, MenuSano’s recipe costing module allows experimentation with recipe costs to identify the maximum profit margin for each recipe.


Food Manufactures
Grocery stores
Dieticians & Nutritionists
Food delivery platforms
Retirement homes
Education- Culinary schools

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