O-Wind turbine is a new form of blade-less turbine that can harness winds from any direction, including vertical winds. Using funnels instead of blades it is ideal for urban areas.


The O-Wind turbine is a new form of blade-less turbine that can harness winds from any direction including vertical winds. This new unique design can be applied in urban areas where buildings create complex and powerful wind patterns, channeling winds through effects such as the Downdraft, Updraft and Venturi effect. By having a blade-less turbine that can harness chaotic winds and that is also safe and quiet, O-Wind can become the renewable energy option for individuals living in apartments; the same way solar panels have become the renewable option for those living in the countryside and suburbs. O-Winds ability to be installed on apartment balconies and building facades open up a brand new and significant market, allowing those individuals living and working in the areas of highest energy consumption to become one of its greatest generators of renewable energy. O-Wind is the 2018 national/ international winner of the James Dyson award which has allowed us to prove the concept of the turbine by creating a model and testing it in a wind tunnel. O-Innovations is now looking to carry out a through Research and Development project to create a Minimum Viable Product that can be taken to mass production and commercialization. To successfully achieve this we are seeking investment to cover the costs of development and IP protection to make O-Wind a globally impacting product, that can benefit those living in urban areas in developing countries to generate cheap and clean electricity, ultimately saving them money on their energy bills. We are also looking to develop strategic partnerships with key players in the market and have already secured an exciting piloting opportunity with Siemens in Central London. We are also looking to work with government bodies across the U.K. and are speaking with Nottingham city council to become their partner on a large scale wind energy scheme that could result in O-Wind being present in multiple locations across the city. These initial partnerships have helped validate our concept and we believe we can repeat this with new partners both in the U.K. and internationally resulting in meaningful and significant change in the fight against climate change.

Key Benefits

O-Winds ability to harness chaotic winds found in urban areas, coupled with it being a blade-less turbine making it quieter and safer than existing bladed technology, provides significant implementation opportunities in urban areas. For those living in dense urban areas it is difficult to find the required space to install other renewable options such as solar panels, it is also difficult to find areas where these technologies will receive access to enough sunlight to be efficient due to narrow and compact streets. These same conditions that create problems for solar panels, open up exciting implementation opportunities for O-Wind as the street layout and surrounding buildings lead to powerful wind effects such as the updraft, downdraft and Venturi; to make use of the first two mentioned, it requires a turbine that can harness vertical winds. As well as the noise and safety benefits mentioned above, O-Winds unique design also creates an aesthetically pleasing option that complements modern architecture. A architect firm or construction company could gain a strategic advantage over their competition by offering a 'green building' design that not only looks modern and exciting, but that also is sustainable due to its ability to generate its own clean energy through the O-Wind tech. This technology can also be very useful to local government bodies such as town councils, who can use O-Wind on a mass scale on their new 'smart town' developments to help them meet green energy targets set by the government. We have already seen the potential of this approach, through out talks with Nottighamshire and Buckinghamshire councils to include O-Wind on new developments.


Primary Markets: -Building Facades -Apartment Balconies -Roadsides Secondary Markets: -Boats and Yachts (again by being a blade-less turbine, O-Wind has new implementation opportunities on boat sales etc, where previous turbines could not be located due to the blades interfering with the rigging). -Caravans/ campervans -Railroads

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