Through Okina we provide individuals with a 360 view of their mental wellbeing. For the business we provide a deep analytics platform giving insights into organisational wellbeing


Employees are burning out at a rate never seen before and suffering from poor mental wellbeing and this needs to change, quickly.
At People Matter we are on a mission to create a more caring world of work. One where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and become their best self.
Our mental wellness companion Okina, provides individuals with a 360 degree view and insights needed to take charge of the mental wellbeing. Combining these insights with a libary of original content enables individuals to take educate themselves on what they can do to improve their mental wellbeing.
For the organisation we utilise our unique digital footprint technology, plugging into your communications channels and delivering deep insights into the wellbeing culture of your organisation, and what is affecting it. Combing this with subjective self insights from the individual (if they decide to share their data) gives rich 360 degree inisght into the cultural health of the business and indicates what needs to change.

We want to partner with organisations that understand looking after your employees is the key to business success in the future. People make a business what it is, and to thrive in the 21st century you need to ensure your workforce is resilient and built to endure all the market disruptions that will come your way.

Key Benefits

- Attractive employee benefit & imporves employee value proposition
- Improves self awareness and personal resilience
- Drive 'local' action between individuals and managers
- Helps build awareness of mental wellbeing to the business
- Addresses wellbeing risk & signposts support
- Seamless digital data avoids survey fatigue
- Continous data and insights drive action
- Targeted interventions driv great ROI
- Tangible measures of experience and wellbeing
- Supports the construction of a culture of care


- Okina, mental wellbeing companion for the individual
- Okina Care, analytics platform for the business, incorporating digital footprint

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