We provide a holistic retail solution with one control point to Omni-channels solution in the Headless commerce approach. The retailer can manage all channels under one system.


The Edea OneCore, is a complete retail solution to any retail channel, instore, ecommerce, marketing automation, CRM, Loyalty and more. It is controlled by one central Head office and can be hosted anywhere. It is all on-line solution with offline backup mode, enabling the various channels to keep the service while disconnected from the center DB. The OneCore is built under the Headless-commerce perception , providing an open interface to any channel in any platform by a standard Restful API. The OneCore provides a separate set of methods to any type of retail channel or use.

Key Benefits

One unified platform to a multi channel business. Flexible, open and secured.


Instore POS, mobile POS, eCommerce, Marketing automation, Loyalty, Kiosk, CRM.

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