Innovative fluidics, designed for skin, high-fidelity human equivalent skin-responses in vitro, eliminates skin testing errors for clear transition to clinic


Keratify dramatically improves skin health by transforming human skin testing with breakthrough biotechnology. Our OneVivo fluidic technology eliminates current limitations of skin testing causing compound failure rates of up to 59% resulting in 50x greater phase 1 costs, poor bench to clinic translation and loss of innovation. With over 50% of the global population suffering from skin disease, we ensure that compounds are tested effectively and eventually reach those that need it.

Key Benefits

We offer high-fidelity ex vivo skin maintenance of skin barrier function, physical properties and biological properties of human skin tissue for at least 5days in culture. Our technology enables new confidence in preclinical testing, providing seamless transition to clinical trials/human use.

Compact, 24 well fluidics on a bench top
Automated media servicing and collection
Ability to combine multi-parameter testing
Ability to test complex formulations, detergents, transdermal drug delivery systems, micro needles
Ability to differentiate and rank formations
Ability to replicate real human responses
Ability to design new tests that were previously impossible
Combined with skin data package and supporting software


Our new innovation supports all skin care sectors, including all forms of chemical testing, Pharma and cosmetics, and has potential in supporting advancements in wearable technology. We resolve fundamental limitations in preclinical testing and are developing further innovations to enable a faster path to successful product development. We estimate 20-40% of compounds that are safe to use on human skin are eliminated in preclinical phases due to the inherent high errors associated with in vitro skin models. Our high-fidelity skin testing resolves these issues, and further creates coordinated analysis of multi-parameter testing.

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